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== Introduction ==
-Welcome to the Wiki for the Duet 2 (Wifi, Ethernet Maestro), Duet 0.8.5, and the Duet 0.6 - a family of control boards for 3D printers and other similar robots. For the Wiki section covering Duet 3 please click on Duet Hardware above and follow the link to Duet 3.
+Welcome to the Wiki for the Duet 3, Duet 2 (Wifi, Ethernet Maestro),and legacy Duets - control boards for 3D printers and other similar robots.
+See the [[Topic:Duet 3 Hardware|Duet 3 Hardware]] Wiki section for Duet 3 documentation.
+For Duet 2 and legacy boards please see below.
These control boards are based on a 32-bit ARM processor, running [[Firmware_Overview|RepRapFirmware]]. The Duet family can all be controlled through a [[Duet_Web_Control_Manual|web interface]], but they also support a touchscreen called the [[PanelDue]]. They all have a connector for an expansion board containing additional stepper drivers and I/O circuitry - the Duex 2 and Duex 5 for the Duet 2 (WiFi and Ethernet), and the legacy DueX4 for the Duet 0.6 and 0.8.5, and

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