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[title|Duet Web Control]
[summary]Information about Duet Web Control, the powerful user interface that runs on Duet boards.[/summary]
Duet Web Control is a browser based user interface for RepRapFirmware that runs in most modern browsers that support HTML 5.
It is developed primarily by Christian Hammacher, [|the source files are available on Github]:
Main Features
* Full control of the printer connected to the Duet Electronics.
* Upload, edit and save printer configurations.
* Upload and install firmware updates.
* Upload, start and monitor prints.
* Control the connected printer through a GUI and through directly entering gcode via the console
* Errors and alerts shown as popups and in the console.
* 3D rotatable display of the bed height map.
* Upload, add and edit Macro files to automate common tasks.
* Interface an IP webcam.
* Adaptive layout that works on Large, medium and small screens (i.e PC, Tablet, Phone).