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The hardware documentation for the Duet 2 Maestro is linked from here.

Hardware and Wiring

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As part of the Duet 2 family the Maestro share core similarities with the other Duet 2 boards however there are key differences, described in the hardware overview page:

Choosing components to work with your Duet 2 Maestro

Compatible add on Hardware

There are a range of compatible add on hardware options for the Duet Range of electronics, including the Maestro:

Please note not all of these documentation pages have yet been updated to reflect the specific connections to the Maestro.


The firmware for the Duet family of boards is open-source, but most users should not need to modify the firmware itself, only working with settings stored on the internal SD card. Nevertheless it is a good idea to update your Duet to the most recent stable firmware.

There is also a guide to firmware macros here.

Updating Firmware and Duet Web Control

Firmware configuration

RepRapFirmware is highly configurable so it needs to be setup for your specific printer to work. Considerable customisation is also possible, It is recommended to read the Cartesian printer section below even if you have a Delta or CoreXY as there is general information there that is applicable to all printer types.

See also the

Note at as at 20 Apr 2018 the configurator has not been updated to produced Duet 2 Maestro specific output configurations.

Advanced topics

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