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The Duet WiFi and Duet Ethernet support up to two daughterboards stacked (with a further two stacked on the Duex2 or 5):

Version 1.1 thermocouple boards: MAX31856-based daughter boards each supporting two thermocouples of type B, E,J K, N, R, S or T.

Older versions: MAX31855-based daughter boards, each supporting two K-type thermocouples

Block Image

A total of two temperature sensor daughter boards (PT100 or Thermocouple) are supported on the DuetWifi, with a further 2 on the Duex2 or Duex5 bringing the total number of digital temperature inputs to 8.

For setting up the Duet us use PT100 sensors see: Connecting thermocouples

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Is there a schematic and/or gerber files for the new daughterboard?

AJ Quick - Reply

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