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Step by step guide to using your Duet

Board Type

If you have a Duet 2 Wifi or Duet 2 Ethernet please continue using this page.

If you have a Duet 2 Maestro head to the Maestro documentation


Follow the getting connected guide

We suggest you get connected to your Duet before you wire it into your printer.

See Getting connected guide

Familiarise yourself with Duet Web Control

The Duet Web Control user interface it the best way to control your Duet. It is used to control the Duet through the remainder of the steps in this guide. A comprehensive manual is here:

Duet Web Control Manual

Check the firmware versions and update firmware if necessary.

See Checking the firmware versions and updating the firmware.

Connect your Duet to the other components in your 3D printer.

Initial configuration

Start by generating a configuration file customised for your printer and upload it to the Duet. See the cartesian guide as a start point (even if you do not have a cartesian printer).

There are more detailed wiki pages for each printer type:

Commissioning tests

NOTE Some of these sections (with red links) are still to be written

If you experience any problems


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