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Setting motor currents

Motor currents are set using the M906 command. A typical setting is 60% to 90% of the rated current of your stepper motors, but you can go as low as 50% and as high as 140%. The standard motor currents you want to use are set by a M906 command in config.g. However, you can send a M906 command at any time to change them.

You can also use the M913 command to change the motor currents temporarily, for example during homing.

If you set the stepper motor current too low, the torque will be low. The microsteps may be less accurate, and the motor may skip steps if the load is heavy or you command a high acceleration.

If you set the motor current too high, the motors will get hot. If your printer uses printed PLA parts to mount the motors, then the heat may soften those PLA parts.


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