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SD Card

The Duet have a built-in micro SDHC card socket. A compatible SD card is supplied with the Duet.

In normal use, you should never need to remove the SD card from its socket. You can transfer files to/from the SD card over the web interface.

Caution! Do not use an SD extender cable. Such cables do not generally work well at the high SD card transfer speeds used by the Duet. Additionally, some types of SD card extender cable have been found to damage the SD card socket. Damage to the SD card socket from using an extender cable is not covered by the warranty.

If you need to reformat the SD card:

  • If the capacity of the card is 4GB or lower, use FAT16 format
  • If the capacity is more than 4GB then you will have to use FAT32 format
  • Either way, for best upload speed choose the largest cluster size available, which is normally 64kb,

If you need to replace the micro SDHC card, we recommend you choose a branded card with a speed rating of Class 4 or higher.

It is possible to connect a second, low-speed SD card socket to the Duet - see Connecting an LCD control panel: Using the external SD card socket on the LCD panel

For information on the SD card structure see :

Firmware Overview: SD Card Structure


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