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WARNING! From February 2022, these pages are no longer maintained.
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Revision to WiFi disconnections and AJAX timeout errors

David Crocker

* Make sure you are [[Firmware Overview#Section_Checking_firmware_versions|running the latest stable versions of the main firmware]] (e.g. DuetWiFiFirmware), the WiFi module firmware (DuetWiFiServer), and DuetWebControl. You can find the latest files at In particular, Duet WiFiServer 1.19.2 (which requires DuetWiFiFirmware 1.19.2 too) and later versions try harder than earlier versions to reconnect to your access point if the WiFi connection is lost. You can check which versions you are running on the Settings/General tab of Duet Web Control.
* If an AJAX Error is reported, check the Error Reason given at the bottom of the error message box. If it is anything other than Timeout, this indicates mismatched versions of Duet Web Control, or possibly a bug. If you are running the current stable firmware versions, or later beta versions, report the problem on the forum.
+* If the disconnection always happens when you switch to the GCode Files page in Duet Web Control, see [[Network disconnections after uploading large files]].
* Run M122 from either the web interface (if you can reconnect) or from USB. In the Network diagnostics, check the '''WiFi signal strength''', also called '''RSSI'''. Values in the range -30 to -50 are good, -50 to -60 is OK, -60 to -70 is marginal. Anything below -70 is weak and likely be unreliable. See below for how to improve RSSI.
* Also in the M122 Network diagnostics check the WiFi Module Reset Reason. It should be "turned on by main processor". If it is anything else (e.g. "exception"), report the problem on the forum.

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