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Revision to What to do if your Duet won't respond


[title|What to do if your Duet won't respond]
==== Check the voltage indication LEDs ====
* If you have a PanelDue, disconnect it from the Duet to reduce the load on the 5V supply. Then connect your Duet to a PC using the USB cable. Do not apply VIN power to the Duet at this point.
* Check the LEDs on the Duet. There should be a red LED illuminated between the USB connector and the Reset button. The red 5V LED at the edge of the board should also be lit, so should the green 3.3V LED. The DIAG LED between the USB connector and the SD card socket may or may not be lit. ''(Note: the Duet 085 doesn't have the DIAG LED, and the Duet 06 doesn't have the 5V or 3.3V LED either.)''
* If no LEDs are lit, then most likely your PC is not supplying power through the USB cable. Try a different cable and a different USB port. If necessary, use a powered USB hub.
* If the red LEDs are lit but not the green 3.3V LED then most likely there is a short between the 3.3V power rail and ground. Disconnect the Duet from USB, then remove all endstop and Z probe connectors from the Duet. If you have a DueX2 or DueX5 connected as well, disconnect the ribbon cable joining them too. Then reconnect the USB cable and check the LEDs again.
==== Connect to a PC via USB and look for the port ====
* If the LEDs are correctly lit, go to your PC and see whether a new COM port appeared when you plugged in the USB cable. Under Windows you do this by loading Device Manager, then expand '''Ports - COM and LPT'''.
* If a port called '''Duet 3D Printer Electronics''' is shown, then you should be able to connect to your Duet using Pronterface, Arduino Serial Monitor or another host program or terminal emulator program. Proceed to update the main firmware or the WiFi firmware if you need to.
* If a port called '''Bossa port''' is shown then the firmware has been erased. Perhaps you pressed the Erase button. You need to re-install firmware via USB. How to do this for the Duet WiFi is described in section "Fall-back procedure #3" in [[Installing and Updating Firmware]].
* If an '''Unknown Device''' is shown (but only when the Duet is connected) and you are running Windows, install the Windows device driver for the Duet.
* If neither port appears, or you get a Windows error message several seconds after you connect the Duet via USB, try connecting it to a different USB port, and try using a different USB cable. Windows 10 sometimes gets individual USB ports stuck and popping up an error message when you connect devices to them. If this happens, use another port, or reboot Windows.
==== If the port still doesn't appear on the PC ====
* If neither port is shown, then the Duet may be faulty or it may not have valid firmware installed. With USB power applied, erase the firmware by holding down the Erase button for at least 1 second, then press the Reset button. The Bossa Port should appear; if it does then you can upload firmware using SAM-BA or Bossa/bossac 1.8 as described in section "Fall-back procedure #3" in [[Installing and Updating Firmware]].
* If all the above steps fail and your Duet is still under warranty, contact you supplier (if you purchased your Duet direct from Duet3D then follow [|the warranty return process])