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Revision to Using RepRapFirmware with OpenPnP


RepRapFirmware supports X, Y and Z axes as standard and allows you to create up to 7 additional axes depending on the firmware version and which Duet you are using. Axes are created and associated with stepper motors using the M584 command in config.g. You may use any of the following letters to refer to the new axes: U V W A B C D (letter D is not supported in older firmware versions)
+We need to configure outputs for the vacuum pump, vacuum valve , camera lighting.
+; Mosfet outputs
+M950 P0 C"e0heat" ; Vacuum valve output
+M950 P1 C"e1heat" ; Up camera lights output
+M950 P2 C"bedheat" ; Vacuum pump output
Note: RepRapFirmware treats extruders differently from axes, in particular they cannot be homed and are intended to support relative motion. Therefore, do not configure any stepper motors as extruders when using RepRapFirmware with OpenPnP.

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