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Revision to Test temperature sensors at room temperature


+[title|Test temperature sensors at room temperature]
+== Test temperature sensors at room temperature ==
+To test that the temperature sensors are working at room temperature:
+* Apply 5V power only to the Duet by connecting it to a PC via he USB cable.
+* On a PC, connect to the Duet web interface using a browser
+* On the Control page of the web interface, click on '''Heaters'''
+* If your heaters are correctly configured, all the configured heaters (e.g. bed heater and one extruder heater) should be displayed, and the temperature reading in the '''Current''' column should be close to room temperature.
+* Each temperature reading should fluctuate by no more than about 0.2C, except that at temperatures below about 10C the reading from a thermistor may fluctuate by more than this.
+Don't worry if your heaters show temperatures that differ by a few degrees - this is quite common, especially when the sensors are thermistors (which are not very accurate at room temperature).