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Revision to Test and calibrate the Z probe

Jason Znack

# Open config-override.g and check that there are no G31 commands in it. If you find any, delete those lines and save the file.
# To apply the new trigger height, restart the Duet by sending M999 or pressing Emergency Stop.
== Measuring Probe X Y Offset ==
* The firmware needs to know the position of the probe in relation to the tool. In most cases, the nozzle tip.
* If your probe uses the nozzle tip, the X Y offset would be G31 X0 Y0.
* If you have access to the CAD files for your probe mount you may already know the probe X Y offset, or it may have been provided to you with the parts.
* Otherwise, you will need to measure the distance between probe and nozzle.
==== Here is an easy way to measure the offset: ====
# Tape down a piece of paper onto the bed.
# Bring the nozzle down to the bed surface and lower it until the nozzle starts to depress into the paper, making a small impression.
# Mark the impression with a marker tip to make it more visible.
# Now jog X and Y until the probe is directly over the spot where the nozzle was.
# Take the amount you jogged as your X and Y offset to use in G31.
''' Note '''that the offsets will follow the right hand coordinate system, meaning that X movement to the left of the nozzle will be negative, and right of the nozzle will be positive. And Y movement behind the nozzle will be positive, and movement in front of the nozzle will be negative.
== More information on Z Probes ==

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