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Revision to Test and calibrate the Z probe

David Crocker

# Once you have the nozzle touching the bed, send command G92 Z0 to tell the firmware that the head is at Z=0
# Jog the head up by 5 to 10mm
# If the Z probe needs to be deployed, deploy it
# Send command G30 S-1. The nozzle will descend or the bed rise until the probe triggers and the Z height at which the probe stopped will be reported. If you are using a nozzle-contact Z probe, the trigger height will be slightly negative. For any other type of Z probe where the probe triggers before the nozzle contacts the bed, it will be positive.
# Repeat from step 5 two or three times to make sure that the trigger height is consistent.
# In Duet Web Control, go to Settings -> System Editor and edit the config.g file. Set the Z parameter in the G31 command to the trigger height that was reported. Save the file.
# Open config-override.g and check that there are no G31 commands in it. If you find any, delete those lines and save the file.
# To apply the new trigger height, restart the Duet by sending M999 or pressing Emergency Stop.
== More information on Z Probes ==

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