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Revision to Step by step guide


[title|Step by step guide to using your Duet]
== Preparation ==
* Read the [[Warnings|warnings]] page.
* See the following pages for choosing components. even if you already have a printer or set of components they can help in understanding the advantages and limitation of certain components.
** [[Choosing and connecting stepper motors]].
** [[Choosing a bed heater]].
** [[Choosing the power supply]].
** [[Choosing a Z probe]].
** [[Choosing an extruder drive]].
** Choosing [[temperature sensors]].
== Follow the getting connected guide ==
We suggest you get connected to your Duet before you wire it into your printer.
[guide|7|See Getting connected guide]
== Check the firmware versions and update firmware if necessary. ==
See [[Firmware Overview#Section_Checking_firmware_versions|Checking the firmware versions]]and [[Installing and Updating Firmware|updating the firmware]].
== Connect your Duet to the other components in your 3D printer. ==
* Start with the [guide|9|Wiring your Duet guide].
* See the specific wiki page for more detail on each part of the hardware setup that applies to your setup:
** Duet [[Hardware overview]].
** [[FireSafety|Fire safety]].
** [[Mounting and cooling the board]].
** [[Power wiring]].
** [[SD card]].
** [[Choosing and connecting stepper motors]].
** [[Connecting endstop switches]].
** [[Connecting thermistors or PT1000 temperature sensors]].
** [[Connecting thermocouples]].
** [[Connecting PT100 temperature sensors]].
** [[Choosing a bed heater|Connecting a bed heater]].
** [[Connecting and configuring a chamber heater]].
** [[Connecting extruder heaters]].
** [[Connecting and configuring fans]].
** [[Connecting a Z probe]].
** [[Connecting an LCD control panel]].
** [[Connecting an LCD control panel#Section_Using_the_external_SD_card_socket_on_the_LCD_panel|Using an external SD card socket]].
** [[Connecting an Emergency Stop]] button.
** [[Connecting and configuring filament-out sensors]].
** [[Duex2 and Duex5 Features|Duex2 and Duex5 expansion boards]].
** [[Using external stepper motor drivers]].
** [[Adding additional output ports]].
== Initial configuration ==
Start by generating a configuration file customised for your printer and upload it to the Duet. See the [guide|10|cartesian guide] as a start point (even if you do not have a cartesian printer).
There are more detailed wiki pages for each printer type:
* [[ConfiguringRepRapFirmwareCartesianPrinter|Configuring RepRapFirmware for a Cartesian printer]]
* [[ConfiguringRepRapFirmwareDeltaPrinter|Configuring RepRapFirmware for a Delta printer]] and more detail on delta calibration here: [[Calibrating a delta printer]].
* [[ConfiguringRepRapFirmwareCoreXYPrinter|Configuring RepRapFirmware for a CoreXY printer]]
* [[ConfiguringMultipleIndependentXcarriagesCartesian|Configuring RepRapFirmware for an IDEX printer]]
* [[ConfiguringRepRapFirmwareSCARAPrinter|Configuring RepRapFirmware for a SCARA printer]]
* [[Configuring RepRapFirmware for a CNC machine]]
* [[ConfiguringRepRapFirmwarePolarPrinter|Configuring RepRapFirmware for a Polar printer]]
* [[ConfiguringRepRapFirmwareHangprinter|Configuring RepRapFirmware for a Hangprinter printer]]
== Commissioning tests ==
'''''NOTE Some of these sections (with red links) are still to be written'''''
* [[Connecting endstop switches#Section_Test_endstop_switches|Test endstop switches]]
* [[Test temperature sensors at room temperature]]
* [[Test axes or motors individually]]
* [[Test homing behaviour]]
* [[Test and calibrate the Z probe]]
* [[Test heating]]
* Tune heaters, see [[Tuning the heater temperature control]]
* [[Test and calibrate extrusion]]
* [[Configure your slicer]]
* [[Now try a test print!]]
== If you experience any problems ==
* See the [[FAQ|FAQ]].
* See the [[Topic:Troubleshooting|troubleshooting section]].
* Come and ask on the [|forum].