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Revision to Setting up networking on Duet

David Crocker

* In the Properties windows you will need to set the IP address and subnet masks of your PC to settings that are DIFFERENT from your normal network settings. In the illustration below, the network uses 192.168.'''1'''.# addresses, so we'll set up the PC/Duet subnet to use 192.168.'''2'''.# addresses:
** IP –
-** Subnet Mask –
+** Subnet Mask –
* Set the IP address and subnet Mask in config.g on the Duet as follows:
** IP –
-** Subnet Mask –
+** Subnet Mask –
* Note: it is important to ensure that the last values of the IP address for Duet and computer are different.
* Then connect to the Duet by opening a browser and going to

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