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Revision to Pressure advance

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[title|Pressure advance]
+[summary]Added Simplyfy3D post processing code[/summary]
+For Simplify3D, you can put the code below into the post processing commands found at Edit process settings > Scripts, then scroll down to find "Additional commands for post processing"
+; 0.2mm layer, 8 bands 5mm each, total height 40mm
+{REPLACE "; layer 25" "M572 D0 S0.0\n; layer 10"}
+{REPLACE "; layer 50" "M572 D0 S0.05\n; layer 50"}
+{REPLACE "; layer 75" "M572 D0 S0.10\n; layer 75"}
+{REPLACE "; layer 100" "M572 D0 S0.15\n; layer 100"}
+{REPLACE "; layer 125" "M572 D0 S0.20\n; layer 125"}
+{REPLACE "; layer 150" "M572 D0 S0.25\n; layer 150"}
+{REPLACE "; layer 175" "M572 D0 S0.30\n; layer 175"}
+{REPLACE "; layer 200" "M572 D0 S0.35\n; layer 200"}
This script will insert a new M572 value every 25 layers. You can customize it by changing the S value at the end.

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