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Revision to Pressure advance

Jason Znack

One option for finding your ideal PA value is to use a customizable python script developed by a forum user that generates a gcode file with varying amounts of PA which is described here:
+Another option is to use the Marlin K factor script and modifying it as described here:
+Alternatively, the following method is proven to work.
The most simple method of tuning pressure advance is to slice a 100mm cube, 1 bottom layer, 1 or 2 perimeters, and minimal or no infill. Ensure cooling is adequate for printing an object with very short layer times. Ensure the Z seam is aligned to a single point on the middle of a face. Use a print speed close to your normal print speed. Ensure your extruder steps per mm has been calibrated. Ensure any wipe and coasting settings are disabled in the slicer.

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