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Revision to Power Wiring

Jacob Barber

If the main PSU supports an ATX-style PS_ON pin (power supply on when pin is connected to ground), the Duet 2 can enable and disable the main power as needed. Obviously this will not work if the only source of 5V is the 12/24V circuit you are switching; you must either supply USB power or use the 5V in pin from a supply that is not shut down when the 12/24V supply is. On an [] which provides this function.
+If you are using an external relay to control mains power to the PSU, you can wire either the +5v or +3.3v (depending on what your relay requires) outputs from the duet in to the positive terminal of the relay, and wire the ground terminal of the relay to the PS_ON output on the duet. If you are using a mechanical relay and it does not include a flyback diode of some sort, you will need to wire one in parallel with the relay signal.
=== Controlling the external power supply ===

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