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Revision to PT100 temperature sensor daughter board


[title|PT100 temperature sensor daughter board]
The PT100 daughter board uses the Maxim Integrated MAX31865 RTD sensor IC. This IC supports 2,3 or 4 wire PT100 connections. The mode can be set using jumps on the board. With the jumpers on/bridged the board expects a 2 wire PT100 sensor. With the jumpers off/cut a 4 wire PT100 sensor can be used. The change between older versions and 1.1 was to move from solder jumpers to pin jumpers.
=== v1.1a ===
The following minor changes from v1.1 to 1.1a:
* The addition of a ground point between the two sets of screw terminals to make it easier to ground shielded wires.
* Added 0u1 filtering capacitors on RTDIN(+/-).
* Switched from 1x400R to 2x200R in series reference resistors for component availability reasons.
=== v1.1 ===

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