Revision to Neopixel and DotStar LEDs

David Crocker

In firmware versions prior to 3.3 the maximum supported number of Neopixel LEDs in a strip is 60 RGB LEDs. Firmware 3.3 supports up to 80 RGBW LEDs or 106 RGB LEDs. The firmware limit for DotStar LEDs is several thousand.
+== Connecting NeoPixel strips to Duet 2 Wifi or Ethernet ==
+A signal for controlling Neopixel strips can be output on pin 5 of the CONN_LCD connector provided that you do not have external stepper drivers connected to CONN_LCD. The signal level is 3.3V so you need to level shift it to 5V. A non-inverting 74HCT series gate or buffer such as 74HCT08 can be used to do this.
+RGB NeoPixels draw up to 60mA per LED. RGBW ones draw up to 80mA per LED. Therefore the Duet cannot provide enough power for an LED strip unless the number of LEDs in the strip is small (for example 16 RGB or 12 RGBW LEDs). For longer strips you must provide external 5V power to the strip.
== Configuring and controlling LED strips ==

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