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Revision to M0


+[summary]M0: Stop or Unconditional stop[/summary]
+=== Parameters ===
+* ''This command can be used without any additional parameters.''
+* '''Hnnn''' Keep heaters on
+=== Example ===
+* M0
+The effect of M0 depends on the state of the machine.
+# The firmware finishes any moves left in its buffer.
+# '''Either''': if the axes are homed and if a print is being cancelled (M25), it executes the macro file '''cancel.g''' if present.[br]
+'''Or''': if M0 is sent at any other time, '''stop.g''' is run if present.
+# All motors are put into idle mode.
+# If no H1 parameter is present, the heaters are turned off too.
+See also M1, M112.