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When something goes wrong, particularly in the middle of a long print, it can be useful to have a log of what happened (at least as much as the electronics know). Logging of errors and other important events is an optional feature of RepRapFirmware 1.20 and later. Use the [[Gcode#Section_M929_Start_stop_event_logging_to_SD_card|M929]] to enable and disable logging and to specify the log file name. By default, logging is disabled. You can use a [[Gcode#Section_M929_Start_stop_event_logging_to_SD_card|M929]] command in config.g to enable it.
Some other way of obtaining diagnostics information are:
* There is a built-in setting in the web interface to request that the Duet log every G-code and its response, but during a print this can be overwhelming. You can obtain a little more information by having your slicer embed additional G-code into the print;, for example adding [[Gcode#Section_M114_Get_Current_Position|M114]] (report position) to the code at every layer change.
* The firmware can be put in debugging mode with [[Gcode#Section_M111_Set_Debug_Level|M111]], which should result in many more messages. You can specify debugging messages only from certain submodules; to get a list, send M111 S1 P15. Debug output goes only to USB.
* It's not a log, but the [[Gcode#Section_M122_Diagnose|M122]] command will have the firmware report its status, including (for example) information about under- and over-voltage events. The output goes into the G-code console.