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Revision to How to include a web camera image in Duet Web Control

David Crocker

* An alternative method (which may not be supported by all browsers) to using snapshot.cgi, is to use '''http://'''''ip-address''''':'''''port'''''/videostream.cgi?loginuse='''''YourUserName'''''&loginpas='''''YourPassword''''''''. This embeds a video stream directly from the camera in your browser.
* Note - if you go to '''http://'''''ip-address''''':'''''port'''''/index.htm''' and click on Videostream mode, you can use the motors onboard the camera to focus on various parts of your print.
==== WyzeCamV2 ====
The following instructions were contributed by forum user Foden.
Purchased some of these beauties,, for the house to replace my way more expensive - but dead - IP cameras. With the addition of a small/cheap 4-16GB SD card and an awesome hack from, I can link them to my existing home PVR. I've used Sighthound for years, but you don't need to have any software to use these cameras with with Duet Wifi. All you need to do is extract the folder 'firmware_mod' from the Dafang zip file to the root of your sd card. Edit the file \config\usb_eth_driver.conf.dist and add your SSID and password (only 2.4 Ghz). Rename \config\usb_eth_driver.conf.dist\ to \config\usb_eth_driver.conf. That sets up your Wi-Fi connectivity. Once you figure out the cameras IP just enter it into your browser, you will be prompted for the user name 'root' and password 'ismart12' - all lowercase. You can, and should, change the password straight away. Monkey around with the settings but make sure under the camera controls you have RTSP h264 server running. Probably don't need to change much. Then go to your Duet W-Fi under Settings / User Interface enter this for the camera address - replacing with the camera IP. Set the web cam update interval to your liking, mine is set at 1 sec. Save your settings and when printing the job status window will update with an image from your camera based on the update interval you entered.
The cameras will also work, generally, in low to no light, I forgot where i got the info but think it just needs a file in the config folder called 'autonight.conf.sw' and all it contains is '-S'

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