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Revision to How to include a web camera image in Duet Web Control

Scott Hanson

* Enter the following URL in the DWC webcam settings, substituting the IP address and port numbers you just found: '''http://'''''ip-address''''':'''''port'''''/snapshot.cgi'''
* Check "Do not append extra HTTP qualifier" (I don't know whether this matters or not).
* You may wish to experiment with Webcam Update Interval - 0.1 seconds gives a decent video effect.
* Your browser will ask for a login ID and password for the camera. Give it the user-mode ID and password and tell it to remember them.
* To avoid your router possibly allocating a different IP address to the camera when it reconnects, if possible configure your router to make that IP address allocation permanent.
* An alternative method (which may not be supported by all browsers) to using snapshot.cgi, is to use '''http://'''''ip-address''''':'''''port'''''/videostream.cgi?loginuse='''''YourUserName'''''&loginpas='''''YourPassword''''''''. This embeds a video stream directly from the camera in your browser.
* Note - if you go to '''http://'''''ip-address''''':'''''port'''''/index.htm''' and click on Videostream mode, you can use the motors onboard the camera to focus on various parts of your print.

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