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[title|Duet Hardware


[title|Duet Hardware

[summary]Overview of Duet hardware[/summary]
== Hardware DetailsFeatures ==
== Hardware DetailsFeatures ==
For wiring and pinoutThe main hardware features of the board, see [|Duet WiFi2nd Generation Duets (Wifi and Ethernet wiring diagrams].Ethernet) are listed below
For wiring and pinoutThe main hardware features of the board, see [|Duet WiFi2nd Generation Duets (Wifi and Ethernet wiring diagrams].Ethernet) are listed below
=== Duet Wifi ===
* Powerful 32 Bit Processor: [|Atmel SAM4E8E]: 120MHz ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller with floating point unit, 512Kb flash memory, 128Kb RAM and many peripherals.
* Dedicated Wifi or Ethernet module: Low level networking is handled by a separate module, this leaves the main processor free to do precise stepper pulse timing and implement other advanced features.
* Super quiet [|TMC2660] stepper drivers: SPI controlled and capable of up to 256 microstepping with optional 16x interpolation when using 16x microstepping. Hardware support for variable microstepping and variable stepper current for optimum speed and power efficiency.
* On board High speed SD card and support for a second SD external card if required.
* Dual extruders: 3 heater/thermistor channels for a heated bed and 2 extruders.
* 3 PWM controllable and 2 always-on fans. These can be run from either the input voltage, from 5V, or from external power for added flexibility.
* High Power rating: Each stepper driver is capable of 2.8A motor current, currently limited in software to 2.4A. The bed heater channel is specifically designed for high current (18A)
* Connect via PC, tablet or smartphone on the same network to the [[Duet Web Control]] web interface. There is no need for an app install, internet connectivity or cloud service to sign up for yet you can control your printer, upload and start prints from the browser.
* Setup your printer and update the firmware through the web interface. No need to compile your own firmware.
* Also connect via USB or serial if desired.
* The Duet Wifi uses WPA-2 encryption for network security. The DuetWifi does not need to be connected to the internet - keep it on a local network for added security.
* Most printers supported: All common 3D printer geometries are supported, with easily modified configuration templates for popular designs. Along with 3D printers a wide variety of CNC machines and lasercutters can be controlled.
* Expandable up to 7 extruders: Support for a further 5 stepper drivers and heaters on the expansion header. The [[Duex2 and Duex5 expansion boards]] are available.
* Firmware support for mixing nozzles and remapping axes to use high power external drivers.
* Touch Screen support for the [[PanelDue]] controller provides a full colour graphic touch screen controller with virtual keyboard. Also talks G-code for maximum flexibility.
* Advanced Calibration Support: Use an optional add-on of DC42’s highly repeatable [[Addon_Hardware_Features#IR_Probe|contactless IR probe]] combined with advanced firmware features for more accurate printer calibration. Many other probe types are also supported.
* Automatic ADC gain calibration for thermistors allows for accurate and repeatable temperature setting. In addition [[Addon_Hardware_Features#PT100_temperature_sensor_daughter_board|PT100 and Thermocouples]] are supported through new SPI daughter boards.
* Power monitoring to allow for state save on power fail.
* Support for the [[Duet3d Filament Monitor]]
=== Duet Ethernet ===
The Duet Ethernet is identical to the Duet WiFi except that the WiFi module is replaced by an Ethernet module.
Importantly the Duet Wifi and Duet Ethernet are Open:
* The Duet Wifi and Duet Ethernet are Open Hardware, []
* All hardware [[Source Files]] are available on Github.
* Both the [[Duet Web Control]] web interface and RepRapFirmware are Open Source Software [] with source files available and actively maintained, see [[Contributing to firmware development]] for more information]]
* The DuetWifi and RepRapFirmware are built with Open tools: designed in [] and []: using open tools means the barrier to getting involved is as low as possible.
== Wiring and pinout ==
For wiring and pinout of the board, see [|Duet WiFi and Ethernet wiring diagrams].
== Microcontroller ==

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