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WARNING! From February 2022, these pages are no longer maintained.
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Revision to G29

Curtis Blubaugh

+[summary]Changed unlcear language suggesting that the S2 modifier would "clear the height map" which suggests deleting the .csv file altogether. Instead it disables the mesh bed leveling compensation, leaving the file intact.[/summary]
* ***S0*** Probe the bed, save the height map in a file on the SD card, and activate bed compensation. The height map is stored in file is ''/sys/heightmap.csv''.
* ***S1*** Load the height map from file and activate bed compensation. The default filename is as for S0 but a different filename can be specified using the P parameter.
-* ***S2*** Clear height map
+* ***S2*** disable mesh compensation
* ***S3*** Save height map (supported in RepRapFirmware 2.04 and later)
* ***P"file.csv"*** Optional file name for bed height map file to save with ***S3*** or load with ***S1***.
G29 S3 P"usual.csv" ; Save the current height map to file ''usual.csv''
-G29 S2 ; clear bed height map (disables bed compensation)
+G29 S2 ; disable bed compensation
G29 S1 P"usual.csv" ; Load height map file ''usual.csv'' and enable compensation

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