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WARNING! From February 2022, these pages are no longer maintained.
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Revision to G-Codes not implemented


* M600: Filament change pause (use pause.g macro to define what happens on pause)
* M605: Set dual x-carriage movement mode (no requirement use M563)
-* M700: Level plate ( See G32)
+* M700: Level plate (See G32)
* M703: Get Board Type (use M115/M122)
* M710: Erase the EEPROM and reset the board (use M503, M500 and then M112, in a macro if you need to do this odd command)
* M908: Control digital trimpot directly (no requirement, use M906)
* M909: Set microstepping (use M350)
-* M928: Start SD logging (See M929))
+* M928: Start SD logging (See M929)

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