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WARNING! From February 2022, these pages are no longer maintained.
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Revision to G-Codes not implemented


* G17..19: Plane Selection (CNC specific)
* G40: Compensation Off (CNC specific)
-* [|G54..59: Coordinate System Select (CNC specific)]
* G80: Cancel Canned Cycle (CNC specific)
* M6: Tool change (although tool change macros and entering Tn commands allow for greater functionality)
* M142: Holding Pressure (for vacuum tables)
* M407: Display filament diameter (currently does the same as M404, possibly change to display measured diameter in future)
-* M590: Report current tool type and index (an alternative to the 450-453 options?)
+* M590: Report current tool type and index (see M450)
* M668: Set Z-offset compensations polynomial (currently only implemented in [] dc42-cmm) fork.
-* M910: Set decay mode (no requirement identified yet)
+* M910: Set decay mode (Detailed driver configuration can be achieved using the "C" Parameter of M569)
=== G-Codes not implemented which are not planned for implementation ===
* G130: Set digital potentiometer value (Use M906)
* G131: Remove offset
-* G132: Calibrate [[Glossary_of_Terms#Endstop|endstop]] offsets
+* G132: Calibrate endstop offsets (For Delta see M666, M208 allows endstop positions to be set)
* G133: Measure steps to top
* G161: Home axes to minimum (use G28, if that homes to max then consider a macro to move to 0,0,0 after homing)
* M40: Eject (No requirement, define a macro to eject parts)
* M41: Loop (No requirement)
-* M43: Stand by on material exhausted (use M581)
+* M43: Stand by on material exhausted (use M591)
* M43: Pin report and debug (much of this functionality is available within M42, M581,M582, M583)
* M48: Measure Z-Probe repeatability (use a macro)
* M103: Turn all extruders off, Extruder Retraction (use standard G1 commands, or G10 for firmware retraction + M18/M84 to turn of specific motors)
* M113: Set Extruder PWM (No requirement)
-* M124: Immediate motor stop (No demand yet)
+* M124: Immediate motor stop
* M126: Open Valve (Can use a servo on any PWM pin and M280)
* M127: Close Valve (Can use a servo on any PWM pin and M280)
* M134: Write PID values to EEPROM (use M500)
* M136: Print PID settings to host (use M301)
-* M146: Set Chamber Humidity (No demand)
+* M146: Set Chamber Humidity (use a macro and M42 to control humidifier, M305 to view the humidity with a DHT sensor)
* M149: Set temperature units (No demand, just use C)
* M150: Set display color (No demand/also should be configured on the display not by printer firmware)
* M164: Store weights (Not required w/o M163)
* M165: Set multiple mix weights (use M567)
-* M200: Set filament diameter (see M404)
* M202: Set max travel acceleration
* M204: Set default acceleration (use M201)
* M205: Advanced settings (use M566)
-* M207: Calibrate z axis by detecting z max length (no demand)
+* M207: Calibrate z axis by detecting z max length (Clashed with existing meaning of M207)
* M208: Set unretract length (Clashes with M208 Set axis max travel and can be achieved using M207)
* M209: Enable automatic retract (no demand)
* M250: Set LCD contrast (better set using the LCD if its a smart LCD)
* M251: Measure Z steps from homing stop (Delta printers) (No demand)
-* M260: i2c Send Data(No demand)
-* M261: i2c Request Data (No demand)
* M306: Set home offset calculated from toolhead position (No demand)
* M320: Activate autolevel (use bed probing, levelling Gcodes G29-G32)
* M600: Filament change pause (use pause.g macro to define what happens on pause)
* M605: Set dual x-carriage movement mode (no requirement use M563)
-* M700: Level plate (will probably incorporate this into existing bed levelling gcode)
-* M701: Load filament (use a macro)
-* M702: Unload filament (use a macro)
+* M700: Level plate ( See G32)
* M703: Get Board Type (use M115/M122)
* M710: Erase the EEPROM and reset the board (use M503, M500 and then M112, in a macro if you need to do this odd command)
-* M800: Fire start print procedure (odd... temperature faults are already handled in the relavent temp gcodes)
-* M801: Fire end print procedure (see M800... odd)
+* M800: Fire start print procedure (use start gcode in slicer)
+* M801: Fire end print procedure (use end gcode in slicer)
* M851: Set Z-Probe Offset (use G31)
* M907: Set digital trimpot motor (use M906)
* M908: Control digital trimpot directly (no requirement, use M906)
* M909: Set microstepping (use M350)
-* M928: Start SD logging (this command appears to log gcode commands sent over USB))
+* M928: Start SD logging (See M929))

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