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WARNING! From February 2022, these pages are no longer maintained.
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Revision to G-Codes not implemented


* G40: Compensation Off (CNC specific)
* G80: Cancel Canned Cycle (CNC specific)
+* G93: Feed Rate Mode (Inverse Time Mode)
* M6: Tool change (although tool change macros and entering Tn commands allow for greater functionality)
* M7: Mist Coolant On (CNC specific) (pumps or other motors can be controlled using appropriate circuity on a fan pin, see M106 or an unused IO pin, see M42)
* G6: Direct Stepper Move (Use G1 S1 instead)
* G33: Measure/List/Adjust Distortion Matrix (Use G29 or G32 instead)
-* G93: Feed Rate Mode (Inverse Time Mode) (No demand)
* G94: Feed Rate Mode (Units per Minute) (No demand)
* G100: Calibrate floor or rod radius (No demand)

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