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Revision to G-Codes not implemented

David Crocker

When these are implemented depends very much on the demand.
-* G18, G19: Plane Selection (CNC specific)
* G40: Compensation Off (CNC specific)
* G80: Cancel Canned Cycle (CNC specific)
* G162: Home axes to maximum (use G28, if that homes to min then consider a macro to move to max,max,max after homing)
* M2: Program End (Not required)
-* M17: Enable/Power all stepper motors (Not required)
* M31: Output time since last M109 or SD card start to serial (No demand)
* M33: Get the long name for an SD card file or folder (Not required, other SD card M commands already support long file names)
* M146: Set Chamber Humidity (use a macro and M42 to control humidifier, M305 to view the humidity with a DHT sensor)
* M149: Set temperature units (No demand, just use C)
-* M150: Set display color (No demand/also should be configured on the display not by printer firmware)
* M155: Automatically send temperatures (hosts should use polling)
* M160: Number of mixed materials ( use M567)

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