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If your printer is a Cartesian, CoreXY etc. the solution is similar. For example, if the X axis sometimes fails to home all the way, look for the first G1 S1 X command in homex.g and increase the X parameter to at least the length of the axis. Do the same in homeall.g.
=== Some Features of Duet Web Conctrol not working ===
This is often caused by using an incompatible browser. Chrome and Firefox browsers full supports DuetWebControl however Edge and IE have problems. ([]).
DWC file editor works in Safari 10.0.1 and later. (Won't work in any earlier versions), from the thread linked above.
If this is not the case ensure you are running the l[[Firmware Overview#Section_Checking_firmware_versions|atest stable versions of the firmware]] and Duet Web Control

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