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Revision to Duet Wiring Diagrams


[title|Duet Wiring Diagrams]
[summary]The function of each of the pins on the 2nd generation Duet boards is shown below.[/summary]
See the [guide|9|wiring guide] for a detailed introduction of the main connections.
The version 1.0 and later boards is shown in the diagram below.
Click on the file for a larger version
For more information on driver numbering check out the wiki page on [[Driver and heater numbers]]
''(There is an error on v1.0 and v1.01 on the silkscreen where the E0-/E1- and VIN are reversed - use the diagram above rather than the silkscreen. This is fixed in v1.02 boards)''
For the initial beta testers who have the old WHITE prototype 2 boards the pin out is below. the differences from the production boards are:
a)probe connector reversed.
b)SD and LCD connectors reversed.
c)endstop connectors reversed.
If you are looking for the Duex2/5 wiring diagrams see this page: [[Duex wiring diagrams]]