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Revision to Duet Web Control Manual


Note that by default an axis will not be allowed to move outside of the printer dimensions set in the printer configuration file. The axis movement speed is set in the Settings->UserInterface->Machine Control section.
=== Probing the Bed ===
The "Auto Bed Compensation" button on a Cartesian or "Auto Delta Calibration" button runs [[Gcode#Section_G32_Probe_Z_and_calculate_Z_plane|G32]]. This has [[Setting_up_automatic_probing_of_the_print_bed|different functions]] . On a Cartesian/CoreXY/SCARA machine it is used for [[Bed levelling using multiple independent Z motors]]. On a delta Delta it is used for [[Calibrating a delta printer|calibration]].
Clicking on the drop down menu gives access to the mesh bed levelling commands:
Once setup correctly [[Mesh bed compensation]] probes the bed in a number of points and then uses that mesh to compensate for uneven bed surfaces.
This mesh is automatically saved onto the SD card as sys/heightmap.csv. You can view, disable and reload the saved heightmap using this menu.
=== Macros and Miscellaneous ===

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