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Revision to Connector and spare part numbers

David Crocker

PCB revision 1.04 has the same 1A fuse for the fan circuits and also a 15A fuse for the bed heater circuit and a 7.5A fuse for everything else. These are mini blade fuses. The 1A can be a little hard to find but the other ratings are widely available.
=== TFT panel backlight inverter IC ===
If the TFT panel of a '''non-integrated''' PanelDue assembly suddenly refuses to light up, chances are that the backlight inverter chip has failed. This is a 6-pin chip marked L6CE or L6EN or L6GE or similar (the Pin 1 marking bar can easily be mistaken for a letter I in front of the L). The part number is MP3202DJ. It is available from RS Components, Digikey and Mouser, and also on eBay and Ali Express.

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