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Revision to Connector and spare part numbers


== Molex Style Connectors ==
== Molex Style Connectors ==
The connectors for the stepper motor, endstop switch, thermistors and fans on the Duet WiFi are Molex KK type. The Dupont-style connectors typically used with RAMPS and other electronics will also fit them. However, for maximum reliability we recommend using the correct Molex female connectors or compatible connectors, because they lock in place and will only fit one way round.
* 4-way shell (stepper motors, PanelDue and Z-probe): JYK H2500-02
* Crimp pins for all of the above: JYK T2500-02
== Screw Terminals ==
The large terminals (6.35mm spacing) used for VIN and bed are:
Kaifeng KF635-6.35-2P
this is compatible with the [|Metz connect 6.35mm equivalent]
The smaller terminals (3.5mm spacing) used for the heater terminals other than the bed are:
this is compatible with the [|Metz connect 3.5mm equivalent]
== Replacement parts ==

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