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Revision to Connector and spare part numbers


Please note, the shells and crimp pins that we supply with Duets are usually made by Würth Elektronik. The crimp pins made by Würth should only be used with shells made by Würth. In particular, they will not lock into Molex 22-01-20x5 shells.
=== Ferrules ===
Ferrules are made in different colours to identify different wire thickness compatibility, however we originally supplied in the different colours for ease of identifying +/- wires.
Note there are different colour schemes for ferrule colouring so check that the ferrule is appropriate for the wire thickness you intend to use.
There are five sizes of ferrules supplied:
* Conductors ~ 0.5mm² : Single white ferrule
* Conductors ~ 1mm² : Single red ferrule
* Conductors ~ 1.5mm² : Single black ferrule
* Conductors ~ 1mm² (x2): Double red ferrule
* Conductors ~ 1.5mm² (x2): Double black ferrule
=== Screw Terminals ===

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