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Revision to Connector and spare part numbers


To remove the old mosfet, you will need either a hot air desoldering tool with a small nozzle, or low melting point solder such as ChipQuik . If using hot air, use a shield made from e.g. corrugated cardboard covered with Kapton tape to shield connectors and other plastic components from the hot air. The new mosfet can be soldered in place using a fine-tipped soldering iron, or by putting a little no-clean flux on the pads, placing the new mosfet on top, and using hot air again. Hot air soldering/desoldering is easier if you heat the whole board to about 100-125C on an electric hotplate.
=== Heater MOSFETs ===
Note when removing any of the heater MOSFETs there is significant heat-sinking into the copper of the board. A combination of hot air rework, Chipquick, and a heated plate may be needed to remove one successfully.
==== Bed Heater ====
TR2: this is an IPD036N04LGBTMA1
==== E0, E1 Heaters ====
1.04a and later, TR3, TR4: this is an AOD4184A
Prior to version 1.04a it was a IPD036N04LGBTMA1
=== VSSA fuse ===

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