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Revision to Connecting and configuring filament-out sensors


=== Firmware 1.19 and later ===
-The Duet firmware has beta support for motion detection sensors in version 1.19, see [[Gcode#Section_M591_Configure_filament_sensing|Gcode M591]] for configuration. There are two beta implementations:
+RepRapFirmware supports a variety of different filament presence and motion sensors using the [[Gcode#Section_M591_Configure_filament_sensing|M591 Gcode]]:
+Pnn Type of sensor:
+* 0=none,
+* 1=simple sensor (high signal when filament present)
+* 2=simple sensor (low signal when filament present)
+* 3=Duet3D rotating magnet sensor
+* 4=Duet3D rotating magnet sensor with microswitch
+* 5 = Duet3D laser sensor
+* 6 = Duet3D laser sensor with microswitch
+* 7 = pulse-generating sensor
+See the [[Gcode#Section_M591_Configure_filament_sensing|M591 Gcode]] for full configuration information.
+There are two beta implementations for motion detection with direction:
* [[Duet3dFilamentMonitor RotatingMagnetVersion|Duet3d Filament Monitor: rotating magnet version]]
* [[Duet3dFilamentMonitor LaserVersion|Duet3d Filament Monitor: laser version]]
-Later firmware versions also support simple filament presence switches, and filament monitors that generate pulses as the filament moves.
=== Firmware 1.18 and earlier ===

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