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Revision to Connecting and configuring filament-out sensors

Ian A-S

-=== Firmware 1.19 and later ===
+=== RepRapFirmware 3.2 and later ===
+In RRF 3.2 and later, if you configure a filament monitor using M591, when it reports no filament RRF will try to run filament-error#.g where # is the extruder number, or failing that filament-error.g. If neither of those is found then it runs pause.g.
+=== RepRapFirmware 1.19 and later ===
RepRapFirmware supports a variety of different filament presence and motion sensors using the [[Gcode#Section_M591_Configure_filament_sensing|M591 Gcode]]:
* [[Duet3dFilamentMonitor LaserVersion|Duet3d Filament Monitor: laser version]]
-=== Firmware 1.18 and earlier ===
+=== RepRapFirmware 1.18 and earlier ===
You can arrange for a simple switch to trigger user-defined actions:

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