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Revision to Connecting and configuring fans

David Crocker

* The Duet 2 (WiFi an Ethernet) has three controlled fan connectors FAN0, FAN1 and FAN2 plus two always-on fan connectors. A jumper (V_FAN) allows you to select whether all fans are powered from the main (12/24V) supply or from the Duet's 5V supply. FAN1 is on by default at power up, for maximum safety when you configure it as a thermostatically-controlled fan.
* Our intention is that in a 3D printer with a single print head, you use the''' Fan0 output for the print cooling fan''' and the '''Fan1 output for the heatsink fan'''. This is the easiest configuration to use because it's what the firmware expects by default.
* The Duex2 and Duex5 have 6 further PWM controllable fans (FAN3 - FAN8). ''(Versions before 0.8 had 5 fan connections see the [[Duex2 and Duex5 Features|Duex hardware page]]for details)''

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