Revision to Configuring RepRapFirmware for a FiveAxisRobot


Status History:
+* Oct 18: added endstop positions to A parameter
* Oct 16: reintroduced A angles, new D parameter, not using M208
* Oct 07: reintroduced P1
* Xo, Yo optional offset between end of arm 4 and axis 5, default is 0 each. See section Axis5offset section below for details.
-'''Aa1min:a1max:a2min:a2max:a3min:a3max:a4min:a4max:a5min:a5max[:railmin:railmax]''' define the allowed angles in degrees. rail.. is in mm.
+'''Aa1min:a1es:a1max:a2min:a2es:a2max:a3min:a3es:a3max:a4min:a4es:a4max:a5min:a5es:a5max[:railmin:railes:railmax]''' define the allowed angles in degrees. rail.. is in mm.
a1 are the angles of axis 1 etc.
-Default is A-45:45:0:70:-70:0:-170:0:-225:225[:0:1000]
+min ist the minimum angle
+es is the endstop position (needs not to be between min and max, could be outside)
+max is the maximum angle
+Default is A-45:0:45:0:0:70:-70:0:0:-170:-90:0:-225:0:225[:0:0:1000]
'''Drad1:sph1:rad2:sph2:rad3:sph3:rad4:sph4:rad5:sph5''' define the outline of the arms and axis actuators to calculate collisions.
'''G31 X Y Z''' probe as offset relative to hotend position for mesh compensation.
+'''G92, M114''' the XYZ values are cartesian coordinates, the UV are angles. Axis 1 to 3 angles cannot be set with G92 directly.
== Homing ==

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