Revision to Configuring RepRapFirmware for a FiveAxisRobot


'''M92''' is calculated as usual, but instead of mm the degrees of the angles are used. Microsteps and Gear ratios must be accounted for in the values.
+Example: Stepper with 200 Steps, 16 microsteps, Gear Ration 1:27: 200*16/360*27 = 240
'''M208''' is ignored. The reachable world coordinates differ, depending on the print height, so it is better and exact to define the angles as limits (parameter A).
* rail = W: coordinate position in mm.
-An example of M208 setting is:
+An example of A setting is:
-M208 X-45.0:45.0 Y0.0:75.0 Z-75.0:-5.0 U-170.0:170.0 V-225.0:225.0 W0.0:5000.0

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