Revision to Configuring RepRapFirmware for a FiveAxisRobot


* done: documentation, implemented P0, P2, P3, P4, M208, R
-* current: working on 3D printer and validate code
-* open: bending and rail support, coding P1
+* current: working on 3D printer and validate code, A paramter instead of M208
+* open: bending and rail support, coding P1, D
Status History:
+* Oct 16: reintroduced A angles, new D parameter, not using M208
* Oct 07: reintroduced P1
* Sep 26: remove unused parameters D, P1
* Xn, Yn, Zn are the cartesian coorindates of axis 2
* Xo, Yo optional offset between end of arm 4 and axis 5, default is 0 each. See section Axis5offset section below for details.
+'''Aa1min:a1max:a2min:a2max:a3min:a3max:a4min:a4max:a5min:a5max[:railmin:railmax]''' define the allowed angles in degrees. rail.. is in mm.
+a1 are the angles of axis 1 etc.
+Default is A-45:45:0:70:-70:0:-170:0:-225:225[:0:1000]
+'''Drad1:sph1:rad2:sph2:rad3:sph3:rad4:sph4:rad5:sph5''' define the outline of the arms and axis actuators to calculate collisions.
+The idea is to define cylinders around the arm and spheres around the actuators to define an area which collides if reached.
'''Cm:xxx:yyy:zzz''' are parameters if the rail is used
'''M92''' is calculated as usual, but instead of mm the degrees of the angles are used. Microsteps and Gear ratios must be accounted for in the values.
-'''M208''' defines the range of the different axes and rail. Axes values are in degree, rail value in mm. For details please see section below.
+'''M208''' is ignored. The reachable world coordinates differ, depending on the print height, so it is better and exact to define the angles as limits (parameter A).
'''G31 X Y Z''' probe as offset relative to hotend position for mesh compensation.
-== M208 values ==
+== A values ==
-M208 sets the limits for axes and rail angles:
+M669 A sets the limits for axes and rail angles:
* axis 1 = X: 0 degree is straight to left. Positive is counterclockwise.

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