Revision to Configuring RepRapFirmware for a FiveAxisRobot


* done: documentation, implemented P0, P2, P3, P4, M208, R
* current: working on 3D printer and validate code
-* open: bending and rail support
+* open: bending and rail support, coding P1
Status History:
+* Oct 07: reintroduced P1
* Sep 26: remove unused parameters D, P1
* Sep 24: M208 bugfix, started homing wiki
* P0 arm 5 is fixed to 0 degree (arm 2, 3 and 5 straight line when viewed from above). Default.
+* P1 axis 5 can rotate freely inside its M208 limits. The strategy is to remain at the current angle as long as possible. When an unreachable area is reached, the angle is changed. If information of the planned moving path is available, this information is used to avoid jerky behaviour.
* P2:nnn arm 5 stays in a specific angle position nnn in respect to cartesian coordinates. If nnn is 0, it stays parallel to X axis, to be used for G31 mesh compensation. P2 can be used for tool changing.
* P3 arm5 is directed into the movement direction in respect to x and y coordinates (no Z tilting). For P3 an additonal firmware change is necessary in the core source, see below in section compiling firmware. For moves from right to left axis 5 must be able to be below -180 and above 180 degree, because it must correct axis 1 angles. So A the last pair of values should be in the range of -225:225 and the hotend assembly (inclusive wires and filament) must support it.
An example of M208 setting is:
-M208 X-45.0:45.0 Y0.0:75.0 Z-75.0:-5.0 U-170.0:170.0 V-135.0:135.0 W0.0:5000.0
+M208 X-45.0:45.0 Y0.0:75.0 Z-75.0:-5.0 U-170.0:170.0 V-225.0:225.0 W0.0:5000.0

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