Revision to Configuring RepRapFirmware for a FiveAxisRobot


Status summary:
-* done: documentation, implemented P0, P2, P3, P4, A, R
+* done: documentation, implemented P0, P2, P3, P4, M208, R
* current: working on 3D printer and validate code
-* open: D, B, C, rail support, additional construction possibilities (arm 1/2 support more angles). P1 and D postponed
+* open: bending and rail support
Status History:
+* Sep 26: remove unused parameters D, P1
* Sep 24: M208 bugfix, started homing wiki
* Sep 22: M208 as angle limits, remove A parameter
* P0 arm 5 is fixed to 0 degree (arm 2, 3 and 5 straight line when viewed from above). Default.
-* P1 axis 5 rotates freely inside angle limits. The axis 5 angles are set according to optimization of D1.
* P2:nnn arm 5 stays in a specific angle position nnn in respect to cartesian coordinates. If nnn is 0, it stays parallel to X axis, to be used for G31 mesh compensation. P2 can be used for tool changing.
* P3 arm5 is directed into the movement direction in respect to x and y coordinates (no Z tilting). For P3 an additonal firmware change is necessary in the core source, see below in section compiling firmware. For moves from right to left axis 5 must be able to be below -180 and above 180 degree, because it must correct axis 1 angles. So A the last pair of values should be in the range of -225:225 and the hotend assembly (inclusive wires and filament) must support it.
'''Tnnn''' Minimum segment length (mm) (because smooth XYZ motion is approximated by means of segmentation)
-'''Dn''' calls procedures to optimize the moving paths and for reporting debug information.
-* D0 reset to no reporting, normal operation mode. Default.
-* D-1 clear optimizing memory and set D0.
-* D1:n optimize P1 mode. Should be called before using P1. n is setting of used memory and level of detail. (tbd: specify value range and recommended values)
-* D2 check printable region by test moves and compare to M208 setting. Report problems. Show optimizing settings and used memory.
'''Bor:b2:b3:b4:b5''' robot orientation and correction factor for bending the arms. Default is B0:0:0:0:0
'''M92''' is calculated as usual, but instead of mm the degrees of the angles are used. Microsteps and Gear ratios must be accounted for in the values.
-'''M208''' defines the range of the different axes and rail. An explanation of the values is in a separate section below. M208 is used by G1 H1, G1 H2 for homing and to restrict the printable area. The values hinder the printer to print outside this area.
+'''M208''' defines the range of the different axes and rail. Axes values are in degree, rail value in mm. For details please see section below.
'''G31 X Y Z''' probe as offset relative to hotend position for mesh compensation.
-G1 H1 and G1 H2 values for X, Y, Z, U, V are degree values. W is in the distance in mm.
== Homing ==

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