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Revision to ConfiguringRepRapFirmwareDeltaPrinter

David Crocker

After this, a single auto calibration run should be sufficient. It is quick enough to be run at the beginning of every power-on or every print even to take into account small variations in printer geometry that could be caused by temperature differences for example.
== Testing the motors and endstops individually ==
== Testing the motors and endstops individually ==
You can test the three tower motors individually by putting the printer in relative mode (G91 command) and then using the G1 command with S2 parameter. For example, sending G1 S2 X10 should move the X carriage up 10mm, and sending G1 S2 X-10 should move the X carriage down 10mm. Similarly for Y and Z. If a motor moves the wrong way, you can reverse it by changing the corresponding M569 command in config.g. For example, if the X motor moves the wrong way, change M569 P0 S1 to M569 P0 S0.
When you have the motors moving the right way, test the endstops. Send G91 as before, but use S1 instead of S2 in the G1 commands. Each motor should stop early when you trigger the corresponding endstop.
== Adding additional towers to carry flying extruders ==

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