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Revision to Choosing the power supply

David Crocker

These are similar to the MeanWell supplies but are made to lower quality standards. They are available very cheaply from eBay suppliers. They usually claim to be CE-compliant, but take this with a pinch of salt because some of them use leaded solder. They include voltage adjustment potentiometers.
Expect these to be less reliable than MeanWell and similar quality PSUs. On the other hand, they may also give years of service, and if they do fail they are cheap to replace. If you choose one of these then it is recommended that you get one with at least 20% more power capacity than you expect to need.
+Here's an example of what may happen when they fail. The output inductor was clearly under-rated for this application. The PCB below was badly burned.
=== ATX power supply ===

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