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Revision to Choosing and connecting stepper motors

Stefan Zurhorst

To remap the X, Y or Z motors to external drivers in RepRapFirmware 1,14 or later, use the M584 command (see [[Gcode#Section_M584_Set_drive_mapping|M584 Gcode]]). The Enable signals on the expansion connector are active low by default but you can change this using the M569 command (see [[Gcode#Section_M569_Set_motor_driver_direction_enable_polarity_and_step_pulse_timing|M569 Gcode]]). You can also set a minimum step pulse width in the M569 command (try 1us or 2us when using external drivers), and configure the direction.
== Checking connected stepper motors ==
Before conducting this step, temporarily alow axis movement without homing by navigating to the G Code console and entering: M564 S0 H0
Navigate back to the Machine Control page. At this time, we will check the operation of our stepper motors.
Move each stepper motor, individually, 1 mm in each direction.
Note that a stepper can't be moved before homing. unless the M564 command is used to override this safety default.

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