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Revision to CAN connection

Jason Znack

You can also make up your own cables. Kits of RJ11 (usually 6P4W) connectors and the corresponding assembly tool are readily available. For the cable, you can buy a length of twisted pair ribbon cable and separate it into individual pairs; or for short distances, use telephone cable. This image shows a cable made to connect a Duet 3 Mini to a Tool Distribution Board.
+==== Example of a good cable: ====
+The colours of the wires going to the pins on the right is hard to see because they are white with a stripe, as is usual for twisted pairs; but the order of colours is the same at both ends.
+==== Example of a bad cable: ====
+Having just the middle 2 pins wired is OK, but they are crossed so this cable is no good for CAN (it's a cable that was supplied with an ADSL or DSL modem). This is common for cables made from non-twisted-pair cable that is either flat with a seam on one side, or half-round.
== CAN addresses ==

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