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Revision to Bed levelling using multiple independent Z motors

Jason Znack

* Each Z motor must be driven from a separate stepper motor output on the Duet + optional DueX expansion board, or Maestro + expansion board.
* As usual with this arrangement, you must use M584 to assign the 2, 3 or 4 drivers to the Z axis
+* Note that the Z driver (drive 2 on Duet2) has a dual socket wired in series for powering two z motors at once. Only one of the ports can be used for independent motor leveling. Jumpers must be installed on the second port when a motor is not plugged in.
* You must use the M671 command to define the X and Y coordinates of the leadscrews. The M671 command must come after the M584 command and must specify the same number of X and Y coordinates as the number of motors assigned to the Z axis in the M584 command; '''and these coordinates must be in the same order as the driver numbers of the associated motors in the M584 command'''. The M671 command must also come after any M667 or M669 command.
* You can optionally specify a maximum correction per leadscrew in the M671 command (S parameter). If you don't, it defaults to 1mm.

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